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  1. Hello! I attended Wianno & Oyster Harbors in ’74, ’75 & ’76. Great, great memories!!
    I will never forget counselors John Catillo, Steve LaRocca & Dave Hajja.
    Remember “The Weasel Gang”? or “Where that cue ball at?” LOL! Miss you all!
    Mr Dexter ran a great camp back then. Great man! I live in the Boston area and have a second home in Bethlehem, NH. Would love to connect with everyone at the next reunion. my # is 339-222-1969.

  2. I watched N.H. chronicle last night and saw a short documentary on Maplewood caddy camp. It brought back a lot of memories of my years at caddy camp. One memory in particular is watching Niel Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin land on the moon. The whole camp got up and assembled in the mess hall to watch it live.

    John ( Fran ) Crosbie
    Sub caddy Clauson’s “67”
    Caddy Lake Tarlton “68 & 69”

  3. My brother and I went to Wianno in 1972, and Hyannisport in 1973. Most of the caddies were from the south shore, but things were arraigned at North Bennett St. Martin Finnigan from Quincy was in charge of the camp . I’m wondering if there are any caddy’s that remember those two camps ? Are there any rosters of caddies?

  4. I attended Wianno and Oyster Harbors in the 70’s and 80’s. The 2018 reunion was the most fun I can remember in a long time . I was lucky to be in the foresome with the Corkhum brothers. I was a little nervous as I had not played golf for 20 years. But it was a great time. Hope I can find more of my caddy cronies to attend the next re-union. My cell is (508)951-0452. Feel free to call or text. It would be nice to have more people participating ( all depending on COVID status of course). While a lot of us have no connection to Maplewood, it is a beautiful place and the spirits of the caddy camp founders are discernibly present. Your friend, Greg Metto

  5. Hello, I have some pictures of Maplewood Caddie camp dating back to the late 30’s.
    My Dad went there and I have his pictures. They show the buildings, mess hall with Chef
    Henry J Daigle, the basket ball court. Norman Franzelm was the camp director in 1938.
    Was wondering if anyone would be interested in these pictures.
    Thanks, Karen Lorgeree

    1. Karen
      Sorry for the long delay. I know there would be many people interested in these pictures. Can you send these?? If so you can send to me at
      John Daly
      4 Miller Avenue
      Milton MA 02186
      I can show them around and maybe post on the site.

  6. Just a note to be thankful for the 2 summers (1960-1961) spent at Maplewood Caddy Camp. A special thanks to Mr. D and his staff for the many things I learned there that stay with me to this day. I have many fond memories for the good (and the not-so-good) experiences there. The youngsters today would be well-served to experience a similar time as they grow up. What they would learn is priceless.—–Danny Sordello.

    1. Oh, by the way, the last of the scars from peeling all those potatoes that I peeled has finally healed (smile, smile!). (of course, I’m saying that affectionately). Looking back I wouldn’t trade those days for all the tea in China! Thank you Maplewood, Mr D and all the fellow campers and caddies.——Danny Sordello

  7. Hi
    I was a camper at Clausens in the late 60s. Great memories of camp fun and fond memories of Mr. D. Sad to hear of the passing of a great man that cared so much for the camps and all the boys. Will always carry happy memories of camping days. Wish more kids could enjoy like we did.

  8. Hello,

    My name is Kate, I am a Graduate Student at the Boston Architectural College and earning a Master’s in Historic Preservation. I am in the process of working on my final project and stumbled upon this site in my research.
    I grew up in Bethlehem, NH and I am focusing my final project on the History of the Maplewood Hotel and surrounding buildings that stood on the site. I have always been curious about the Maplewood and would love to know more, if anyone is willing to share their story of the Caddie Camp with me? I remember a long time ago, a man named Henry Colby stopped by our house and told us he was a caddie for a wealthy family who had a summer home in Bethlehem in the 1920’s, though I am unsure if he was at the Maplewood Caddie camp or not. I’m looking for stories and first-hand accounts about the Maplewood for my project and haven’t had much luck. I would be delighted if someone from this group would be willing to share their Maplewood Caddie Camp memories! I know this is a shot in the dark, but I thought I’d give it a try. Please let me know if you need more information from me. I hope to hear from some of you!

    Best Regards,


    1. I was at maple wood caddy camp until 1957. I remember Mr D and the camp cook Larry Riley.
      We all lived in a former post and beam slaughter house . I also slept in the newer camp which has become a Christian retreat house.
      My father was the camp physician who also went to Maplewood.
      The Bethlehem historical society has photos of former caddies . Behind the bldg is a small area containing engraved bricks of caddies and dates.
      Lots of memories about camp life. I got to play 18holes with my sons.

    2. Kate,
      I wish I stumbled on this sight earlier. My Uncle, Frank Alfe grew up in the North End of Boston was a caddy at Maplewood in the 1940s. He lives near Boston and still has a steady stream of Caddy Camp stories. I recently bought a condo in the Maplewood Village in Bethlehem which started the stories flowing again. If you ever wrote up your research, I would love to find read it and pass along a copy.


  9. Hello, I was at Lake Tarleton 1965, 66, 67 with uncle
    Fred and his crew. Great memories, I’m glad I found this site, will check in occasionally. Any LT folks?

    1. I was at LT in 64… in the photo I’m front left wearing glasses.
      I was shocked and pleased to find this site as I was meandering on a quiet Sunday with my wife.
      Double Shocked to see my ’64 LT class picture with me in it !! Made my day !
      It was a wonderful opportunity for us youngsters !
      Hat’s off to everyone who made it possible.

    2. Hi Wayne, I was at Lake Tarleton with you.

      Phil Carbine from Medford.

      Every once and awhile the memories come back. Been through that area a few times.

      1. Hi Wayne , I just seen this message and was at lake Tarleton 66,67 and was wondering if you had the group picture from the dinning room ? Thank you

    3. Hi Wayne , I just seen this message and was at lake Tarleton 66,67 and was wondering if you had the group picture from the dinning room ? Thank you

  10. Thanks for putting all of this together…Sorry I cannot make the reunion…My best to all my fellow “caddycampers” at Maplewood and Clauson’s from a former Ass’t. Director to Mr. D. I hope I can meet many of you in the future.

    Steve Paterna

  11. Great to receive news of the forthcoming reunion. Haven’t heard much of activities since the passing of Mr. D. I saw the website today for the first time and it was wonderful to see the group with Mr. D and Larry the cook although I can’t say that I recognized anyone else. Strangely, I think of those days often and some of the thoughts are as clear as they might have happened yesterday. I’ll try to attend the reunion.

    “the Bishop”
    Maplewood 1949-51

  12. Thanks for all your hard work. I will make every effort
    to be there in Sept. looking forward to it.

  13. Great site! Love seeing the Oyster Harbor pictures. I can’t believe I remember most of the staff and campers. Truly some amazing memories.

    Jim DiMarino

  14. Thanks for your work on keeping the spirit and relationships of the caddy camps alive! See you at the reunion!

      1. Every year since 1970 as the end of June approaches I recall my eight(8) summers (1962-69) at Lake Tarleton Caddy Camp. Tom Jones, who became an electrician, and Sam Remini, wired the camp with a sound system that constantly played the period’s popular tunes and, of course, Frank Sinatra. Uncle Fred loved Sinatra. The many lessons I learned then I have carried over into my personal life and my professional career.

        Thank you, Uncle Fred, for convincing me not to go home early in the summer of 1962.

        1. Hi Paul , I was at lake Tarleton 66,67 and remember you . Do u h as Ed the mess hall group pictures ? Thank you John Bottaro

  15. Good job –
    I will attend the reunion -thanks for all the work you have done
    You can count on my support
    Pete Frasca

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