Since the 1950’s, former caddies have gathered at Maplewood Country Club for fun, the fall sun and good times. The caddies and their friends have stayed at the Maplewood Hotel and numerous other spots in Bethlehem, Littleton, Franconia and Whitefield. As the years pass the number of attendees dwindle yet currently there are still a number of golfers who are maybe sons, nephews and even grandchildren of caddies who still arrive on Friday, usually in the afternoon for a quick nine, play on Saturday and even on Sunday before leaving for another year.

For some there is little golf but there are always memories, often embellished but Now is the time for the first formal announcement of the 2015 Reunion/Summit from 9-11-15 to 9-13-15.

We are hoping that former caddies and friends of caddies from all of the North Bennet Street Caddy Camps — Maplewood, Lake Tarlton, Clauson’s, Oyster Harbors and Wianno — join one another for rekindling experiences and memories.

For golfers, we hope you enjoy what you remember or what you have heard so much of over the years about Maplewood.

A steering committee has met during the last few weeks as we attempt to contact or send information to as many former campers and friends of the camps. Through the efforts of Robert Caggiano, Frank Colvario (M‘56 to ‘62, C“63 to “68, and OH ‘69 to ‘74),Gary Conserva (M’63, C’64-68,OH”69-70), James Daly (OH”73 to 76”, John Daly (OH ’72 to ’78) and Tony Wozniak (M ’58 to ’62, C ’63 to ’67) almost 500 picture post cards went out. Somehow the photo and a brief story got into a handful of community newspapers.

A WEB page has been posted, Follow us on Facebook @ Friends of NBSIS Caddy Camps.